Surprised Shocked Confused Cool Laughing Mad Razz Embarassed
Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes Wink Exclamation Question Idea
Arrow Neutral Mr. Green be mine! call me Happy Heart fill with love Hi ya!
hot over you I love you1 i love you2 Kiss of love love sick love together my Heart fire up for you mylove
Peek a boo! Real mad To funny win your love angel3.gif angel7.gif angel8.gif dark1.gif
toothy10.gif XXsmoker.gif sleepy2.gif sleepy4.gif XXfart.gif angry9.gif new_xmas.gif toothy5.gif
5baby.gif icon_biggrin.gif 5footballhelmet.gif qswim.gif new_snipersmilie.gif thebirdman.gif nike.gif 5crackup.gif
downtown.gif argue.gif XXking.gif qshatter.gif new_angel.gif drunken_smilie.gif 5badair.gif pottytrain1.gif
pottytrain2.gif pottytrain4.gif pottytrain5.gif XXbazooka.gif new_newbie.gif fucyc.gif jerk.gif 5paperbag.gif
zicon_viking.gif 5slick.gif 5forbidden.gif tongue1.gif fart.gif tongue3.gif tongue7.gif iamwithstupid.gif
tongue8.gif tongue9.gif 5obsessed.gif new_shocked.gif icon_sad.gif 5bowtie.gif zicon_rambo.gif 5nuclear.gif
bduh.gif 3some.gif new_scrambles.gif 5squeeze.gif bootyshake.gif crybaby2.gif 4robot.gif XXeyeslam.gif
love2.gif love3.gif XXknight.gif love4.gif love5.gif love7.gif XXcomputer.gif hat1.gif
hat3.gif bs.gif new_rainfro.gif walk.gif icon_frown.gif glasses9.gif new_birthday.gif protest.gif
la.gif qgaraduate.gif zicon_batman.gif ky.gif new_all_coholic.gif 5emoticon.gif love10.gif wave.gif
happy1.gif dontknow.gif happy3.gif hairhappy.gif notworthy.gif happy7.gif happy8.gif qleapfrog.gif
homework.gif hairsad.gif XX3d.gif hello2.gif violent1.gif violent5.gif new_scatter.gif 5bullwhip.gif
mblah05.gif new_bdaysmile.gif hmh.gif director.gif boxing.gif littleangel.gif occasion16.gif occasion17.gif
occasion18.gif XXarcade.gif laughing4.gif lurk.gif laughing7.gif book1.gif qcheerleader.gif new_2gunsfiring_v1.gif
hat16.gif hat18.gif 5butthead.gif hat19.gif hat20.gif sad10.gif smileinbox.gif hat23.gif
hat24.gif hat25.gif hat26.gif hat27.gif hat29.gif hat30.gif hat31.gif hat32.gif
icon_smile.gif hat33.gif hat35.gif hat36.gif hat37.gif hat38.gif hat39.gif hat40.gif
hat45.gif hat46.gif hat48.gif new_rofl.gif brave.gif hat50.gif new_argue.gif qpepsi.gif
hairwink.gif hello.gif read2.gif bom.gif new_Eyecrazy.gif sad1.gif new_smileyb.gif new_smile-l.gif
evil6.gif evil7.gif new_sleeping.gif zlove.gif variousb.gif headbang.gif qleft1.gif qmickey.gif
qleft4.gif qleft6.gif help.gif booty.gif lovestory.gif angel11.gif angel12.gif

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